Greasemonkey Script: It enables you to surf Orkut even with your browser's JavaScript functionality turned off.

I guess this is the most surprising script for you all. All of us have wanted to remain out of Orkut Hacking techniques, but were somehow not able to do that completely. This script helps you achieve that!

The author of the script explains the functionalities:

It makes possible to navigate on orkut with disabled JavaScript, improving the security of your account.

With this userscript it's possible to navigate on with disabled JavaScript and you can still perform actions like:

» send/delete scraps, messages, topics, events, polls;
» quick reply scraps;
» manage your community;
» report spam;
» accept/reject requests;
» accept/reject testimonials;
» add/delete users from lists;

... and much more, all this with the security of being navigating with disabled JavaScript.

Get the script from here. And from now on, surf orkut with the Browser's JavaScript support off!
Have a safe Orkutting.